With a didactic character, but not bound by norms, Beste casino bonus it is a mandatory reference for writers, screenwriters, students and all those who wish to better understand the process of imagining and telling stories. Defines concepts, discusses the multiple options that open up to a screenwriter and illustrates the most varied cases with clear and diverse examples, many of them taken from world and Brazilian literature; It is based on the theory of lyrical, epic and dramatic genres, as well as the theories of Russian formalists; He travels through literature (poetry and prose), theater, history with aga, journalism, music and even singing songs; It covers about 160 works of fiction, including films, plays, soap operas and TV series, novels, short stories and poems; It goes from Sofocles to Guimaraes Rosa, in the countless literary examples; It covers more than 90 films, from The Godfather to An Andalusian Dog; Includes: two complete scales; theoretical bibliography; glossary with more than 180 terms; index of subjects and works.

From I Love Lucy to Breaking Bad, from Class A Squad slots spel to Homeland, from Bonanza to Glee, attractions of all genres and styles are found in this book about the most memorable TV series of the past 70 years. Written by a team of experts and aficionados, 1001 TV series to watch before you die features popular titles alongside obscure productions, helping you not only to better understand the attractions you already follow but also to discover new and surprising programs. Richly illustrated and full of curiosities about actors, scripts and recordings, this guide is an investigative journey as addictive as your favorite series.

There has never been a company like Netflix. From a DVD rental service by mail to a streaming superpower, in twenty years the company has become one of the leading names in the entertainment industries in the world. With more than 180 million subscribers in 190 countries and annual revenue of billions of dollars, Netflix has caused a real revolution with its unconventional corporate philosophy. Co-founder, Casino pa natet president and CEO of the company, Reed Hastings joins business expert Erin Meyer to speak for the first time about the culture that has transformed the brand into an unparalleled example of creativity and adaptation. From hundreds of interviews with Netflix employees and reports never shared before, Hastings explains how his controversial principles have made Netflix an example of innovation and global success. A fascinating work about a company that challenged traditions and expectations and dominated the awards of cinema and TV, in addition to the imagery of millions of people, one screen at a time.

The renowned American screenwriter Syd Field has produced one of the most extraordinary books on screenplay technique, essential for those working in the film and TV market. From the initial idea to the finished text, from the development of characters and dramatic situations to the perfect finishing of the scene, Manual do script presents, in simple and accessible language, all the fundamental elements for the construction of a good narrative.

This classic of television studies has its first Brazilian edition, after four decades of its original publication, in English. The relevance and importance of this work are undeniable today, in which there is still a strong presence of TV in homes around the world, in the fullness of the digital age. Raymond Williams was able to produce, "with rare critical sensitivity", a book that became a true reference in these studies.

20 years ago, technology companies announced a new revolution in the media, led by digital media. Since then, the internet has undergone several transformations. Search engines have changed the way people search for information, social networks have created new dynamics among users, however the end of television and the migration of the machine a sous mobile public and investments to digital did not happen as expected. In Television is the new television, Micheal Wolff points out that although technology has created new supports, the audiovisual content available on tablets, smartphones and computers has the same format as TV programs. Wolff looks at how the TV business model is consolidated and digital media is still looking for formats that attract big advertisers. In addition to discussing the issue of financing the production of content, the author observes how dramaturgy and news broadcast on video on the Internet follow the formats established by television. While streaming services become more popular and invest in original productions, the series and documentaries do not represent an innovation in terms of language, the biggest change is how people watch the programs of their choice. With a clear, simple text and full of examples, Wolff shows that the apocalyptic predictions have failed. Television is adapting to the popularity of the internet and is renewing itself. Viewers want to watch their favorite TV shows on streaming sites. Series with complex plots and contradictory characters conquer thousands of viewers, becoming international phenomena. Major sporting events continue to sell their broadcasting rights to TV and mobilize the audience.

TV makes visible to us a series of views from concrete people - producers, journalists, actors, screenwriters, directors, creators, in short, of television products - regarding a number of themes and events. When we watch TV, those looks of others also look at us, nettikasinot mobilize us, precisely because it is possible to see there much of what we are (or what we are not), what we deny or what we believe. In a nutshell: to a greater or lesser extent, we are always a little bit in those images.